Short-Go: Delrin

Short-Go: Delrin

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We’ve combined field testing with our years of experience to bring you the birth of this call. Don’t let its name or size fool you… this short reed goose call is one of the easiest calls to use on the market, along with its ease of use this call flat out performs! If you’re looking for a call that has it all the Short Go is the call, from its range in tones from high sharp crisp high-ends to the deep guttural moans and ground talk to its quick responsive speed it truly does it all! As its name says… the Short Go makes for some fast in your face action turning your hunt into that 8 second ride! Hold on tight because it will be over fast!

This Short Go is made of solid turned Delrin, hand polished with a laser engraved barrel. The calls are hand tuned and ready to use.


CUSTOM ENGRAVING: If you purchase custom engraving, please call the shop at 952-201-8563 after you complete your order