Flock Dropper Duck call Acrylic

Flock Dropper Duck call Acrylic

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A call made truly with the Duck and Duck Hunter in mind. This call is a smooth running, easy working call, making it at home in your favorite timber hole or pothole marsh. This call is just plain nasty bone crunching duck no matter what language you speak. From the nasty Cajun squeal to the smooth flowing feed calls, the Flock Dropper can truly do it all! When you want to talk “duck” and put more ducks in your bag the Flock Dropper is the Answer. You work hard but why not play harder, the Flock Dropper is your perfect Choice! As its name says… the Flock Dropper will help you bring them in and belly them up!

The Flock Dropper is available in both single reed and double reed, made of solid turned acrylic, hand polished with a laser engraved barrel. The calls are hand tuned and ready to use.

CUSTOM ENGRAVING: If you purchase custom engraving, please call the shop at 952-201-8563 after you complete your order